Dear Customer

Pay attention to Rain Service Details:

The direction of this service is from Iran to outside, so you can not call Iran using this service, but you will have a national number inside Iran and you can receive calls from Iran if anyone call that number in Iran.

  • Your credit never expires.

  • There is no hidden fee, no connection fee, no extra fee.

  • 1-minute rounding.

  • Rates to receive calls from Iran is 1.9 Cent/Min.

These are the lowest real rates in the market, if you know cheaper rates, please let us know to beat it, if it is a real rate and works.

please be informed that this service is temporary unavailable, and can not be purchased, the only available active service at present is “AVA” , for online purchase, please comeback to the main page and select “AVA”.

We apologize for any inconvenience.